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The Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Training Program emphasizes teamwork, close interaction with attending physicians, resident colleagues, nursing and health care colleagues, assumption of independence, and development of sophisticated clinical neurophysiology skills to aid in the evaluation of neurological disorders. Thorough exposure is provided to the full range of diagnostic and treatment options for patients with neurological disorders. The program seeks to develop and nurture life-long curiosity about the workings of the nervous system in health and disease, critical reasoning skills for consideration of clinical problems and evaluation of scientific literature, and skills in verbal and written communication to facilitate understanding of neurological disorders and their treatments for patients and society.

This Mission will be achieved by the following service and educational goals:

  1. Faculty and residents will strive to provide the highest quality of care to every patient. "The patient comes first". Our primary service responsibility and goal is to provide competent and compassionate patient care delivered with the highest standards of professionalism, as we would wish for ourselves and our families.
  2. The primary educational goal of the clinical neurophysiology program is the development of each fellow into a competent ACGME Board-certified clinical neurophysiology with skills and expertise in electrodiagnostic studies (including EMG and EEG), and to use these tools to aid in the diagnosis and management of patients with central and or peripheral neurological disorders.
  3. Faculty and fellows will strive in their service and care of each patient to make every case a learning experience, and will specifically devote efforts to differential diagnosis in every case prior to consideration of imaging and electrodiagnostic studies.