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2007 Neurology Grand Rounds

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Title Presenters Namesort descending Date
An 8-year old girl with difficulty walking Andy Waclawik, M.D. 11/30/2007
Decision making difficulties in Primary CNS Vasculitis and differentiation from Bening Angiopathy of the CNS Bahram Kordlar 05/25/2007
The Role of the Folate Pathway in Regeneration and Repair of the Central Nervous System Bermans Iskandar, MD 09/07/2007
Why can’t I run? Brad Beinlich, M.D. 11/30/2007
Very Early Constraint Induced Movement Therapy for Treatment Hemiparesis in Acute Stroke Dorothy Farrar Edwards, Ph.D. 12/21/2007
Neuromyelitis Optica-Devic’s Disease Update Douglas Woo, MD 10/12/2007
Fishin’ for Solutions to Hearing Loss: Finding Genetic and Chemical Modulators of Inner Ear Hair Cell Death Edwin W. Rubel, Ph.D. 10/05/2007
Epilepsy Surgery and Early Lesions: Think Pediatric Elaine Wyllie, M.D. 11/09/2007
New Insights into Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology from Deep Brain Stimulation Erwin Montgomery Jr., MD 09/21/2007
The Architecture of the Semantic System: How is Knowledge Represented in the Brain? H. Branch Coslett, MD 09/14/2007
Neuronal Signal Transduction in Learning and Diseases of the Brain James A. Bibb, PhD 12/07/2007
Program Development in Neuropsychology: Pediatric Cochlear Implantation Jennifer Cass, Ph.D. 11/16/2007
Multiple Sclerosis Update John O. Fleming, M.D. 11/02/2007
Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis Loren Rolak, MD 10/26/2007
Na+ Channels in Neuropathic and Inflammatory Pain Michael S. Gold, Ph.D. 12/14/2007
Can Imaging Techniques Measure Remyelination and Neuroprotection in MS?” Robert Zivadinov, M.D., Ph.D. 10/19/2007
Some Thoughts on Cerebrovascular Surgery in General and Cerebral AVMs in Particular Roberto C. Heros, M.D., F.A.C.S. 09/28/2007