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2008 Neurology Grand Rounds

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Title Presenters Name Datesort ascending
Role of spinal N-type Ca+ channels in neuropathic pain: first bench-to-bedside therapy for pain Miroslav ‘Misha’ Backonja, MD; George Manousakis, MD; Nalini Sehgal, MD 12/19/2008
Joseph Babinski: Life, Work, Legacy Andrew Waclawik, M.D. 12/12/2008
Some Stroke Cases with Interesting Lateralization Issues, One Side or the Other Ross Levine, MD, FAHA, FAAN 11/21/2008
Outbreak of Neurological Autoimmunity with Sensory Predominant Polyradiculoneuropathy in Workers Exposed to Aerosolized Porcine Neural Tissue Daniel Lachance, MD 11/14/2008
Total Cervical Subaxial Reconstruction Vincent Traynelis, MD 11/07/2008
Statins and their cousins: Neuromuscular effects Barend Lotz, MD 10/31/2008
The Aging Program: A Molecular Pathway to Alzheimer’s disease Luigi Puglielli, MD, PhD 10/24/2008
5 year old boy with cough and new onset refractory status epilepticus David Hsu, MD, PhD 10/17/2008
Deep Brain Stimulation for Major Depression John Thomas Gale, PhD 10/10/2008
What is Neuropathic Pain? A Non-traditional Perspective Based on Newly Discovered Peripheral Mechanisms Frank Rice, PhD 09/26/2008
Bedside to Bench Translation: 2DG – A Novel Anticonvulsant Thomas Sutula, MD, PhD 09/19/2008
Glucose Regulation in Acute Ischemic Stroke Karen C. Johnston, MD, MSc 09/12/2008
Clinical Trials in Pediatric Hydrocephalus: Lessons Learned John Kestle, MD 09/05/2008
Microneurosurgical Experiences in the Treatment of Primary Brain Tumors M. Gazi Yasargil, MD 08/01/2008
When Pressure Falls, So Do People Thomas Chemlisky, MD 07/18/2008
Preclinical Identification of Alzheimer’s Disease Mark A. Sager, M.D & Bruce Hermann, Ph.D. 05/30/2008
Neurobehavioral Issues in Deep Brain Stimulation: Parkinson’s Disease and Beyond Alexander I. Tröster, Ph.D. 05/23/2008
IEG and Synaptic Plasticity Paul Worley, MD 05/16/2008
"Elderly male with progressive gait disorder" Meghana Doreswamy, MD 05/02/2008
Clinical-pathologic discussion of a pediatric case with hypotonia and ophthalmoparesis Hemalatha Narra, MD 05/02/2008
Homeostatic Control of Synaptic Function: A New Direction for Epilepsy Research?” Michael A. Sutton, PhD 04/25/2008
Effects of Sedative and Antiepileptic Drugs in the Developing Brain Chris Ikonomidou, MD, PhD 04/18/2008
Neurovascular mechanisms, experimental models and translational stroke research Eng H. Lo, Ph.D. 04/11/2008
Atherothrombotic Ischemic Stroke: Clinical Characteristics, Lesion Locations, and Intervention Douglas A. Dulli, M.D., M.S. & Edgar A. Samaniego, M.D. 04/04/2008
Reason Based Medicine Approach to Initial Symptomatic Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Erwin Montgomery, M.D. 03/28/2008
Update in Critical Care Medicine Kenneth E. Wood, D.O. 03/14/2008
Whither Neurostimulation in the Treatment of Epilepsy Richard A. Wennberg, M.D. 03/07/2008
Thrombophilia and monoclonal gammopathy: What does a neurologist need to know, and who needs to see a hematologist? Eliot Williams, M.D. 02/29/2008
Spasmodic Dysphonia and Its Imitators Seth Hammond Dailey, M.D. 02/22/2008
Growing Up with Epilepsy: Cognitive, Brain and Bone Development Bruce Hermann, Ph.D & Raj Sheth, M.D., Jana Jones, Ph.D., Kevin Dabbs, M.S. 02/15/2008
Nonorganic Neurology: Four Case Studies on Bias in Clinical Decision Making Susanne Seeger, M.D. 02/08/2008
RESEARCH DAY 02/01/2008
Clinical-Pathologic Discussion of a Case of Rapidly Progressive Dementia Catherine L. Gallagher, M.D. ; Michael Hart, M.D. 01/25/2008
Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: Clinical Diagnosis, Evaluation and Surgical Treatment David W. Roberts, M.D. 01/18/2008
Cortical Stimulation as a Means of Neuromodulation Brian H. Kopell, M.D. 01/11/2008
Vaccination, Fever, Seizures, and a Gene: A Case Study Paul Rutecki, M.D. 01/04/2008