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2009 Neurology Grand Rounds

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Titlesort ascending Presenters Name Date
What Has Gone Wrong with Stroke Research, and What Can We Do To Fix It?” Justin A. Zivin, MD, PhD (Host: Justin Sattin) 10/09/2009
Update on Genetics of Epilepsy Miguel E. Fiol, MD 04/24/2009
Unusual Headaches and Visual Disturbances Douglas Dulli, MD, MS; Robert Reddig, MD 03/13/2009
The anterior temporal lobes and semantic memory: Putting everything together Tim Rogers, PhD (Host: Brian Bell) 01/09/2009
Stroke Systems of Care: Swing for the fences or just get on base? Justin Sattin, MD 03/27/2009
Stroke Case Studies “Out on an Arterial Limb” & “The Future is Now" Marcus Chacon, MD 10/30/2009
Not Quite Optic Neuritis Ivy Dreizin, MD 02/20/2009
Multiple Areas of Restricted Diffusion in Acute Stroke Patients Ross L Levine, MD, FAHA, FAAN 05/01/2009
Guiding MEG Methodologies in Epilepsy using Intracranial EEG Manoj Raghavan, MD, PhD (Host: Paul Rutecki) 11/06/2009
FMRI Prediction of Language and Memory Outcomes in Left Temporal Lobectomy Jeff Binder, MD 04/03/2009
Essential Co-morbidities in Epilepsy: what little critters can tell us Sookyong Koh, MD, PhD (Host: Carl Stafstrom) 01/16/2009
Emerging Restorative Therapies in CNS Disorders Douglas Kerr, MD, PhD 03/20/2009
Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease: Understanding the Mechanisms Aparna Shukla, MD (Host: Tom Sutula) 11/13/2009