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2013 Neurology Grand Rounds

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Title Presenters Name Datesort ascending
Social outcomes in pediatric traumatic brain injury: From brain to behavior Keith Owen Yeates, PhD, ABPP/CN 12/20/2013
Minimally Invasive Surgery; is it an option for epilepsy surgery in children? Chalongchai (Jake) Phitsanuwong, MD 12/13/2013
Headache: Why some Patients don’t improve and what to do about it Joel R. Saper, MD, FACP, FAAN 11/15/2013
Human Prion Diseases in 2013 Pierluigi Gambetti, MD 11/08/2013
Co-occurrence of motor neuron disease in neurodegenerative disorders Elizabeth A. Coon, MD 10/18/2013
Surgery and Radiosurgery for Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Nicholas Barbaro, MD 10/11/2013
Role of Social Work in the Medical Setting Amy Scharmer, MSSW, CAPSW 09/27/2013
Chemotherapy and the Brain Chris Ikonomidou, MD, PhD 09/20/2013
Neurological Milestones and the ACGME’s Next Accreditation System Justin Sattin, MD 09/06/2013
Neural Correlates of Peduncular Hallucinosis Aaron Boes, MD, PhD 08/02/2013
Shot in the head - Botox for Migraine Talha Vaqar, MD 07/26/2013
The Opera Star Who Could No Longer Sing Aaron Struck, MD 07/19/2013
2013 : A Watershed Year in Endovascular Stroke Therapy Arani Bose, MD 07/12/2013
Continuous EEG at the University of Wisconsin Robert Kotloski, MD 07/05/2013
No Grand Rounds 06/28/2013
Cost Centers, Service Lines and the Future Organization of Stroke Care Peter Rasmussen, MD 06/21/2013
Lessons from the Huntington Disease Clinic Laura Buyan-Dent, M.D., Ph.D. 06/07/2013
"Fundamentals of trancranial Direct Current Stimulation: Mechanisms and applications Marom Bikson, PhD 05/31/2013
Hypothalamic Hamartomas: Evolution and Resolution of a Treatable Secondary Epileptogenesis Yu-tze Ng, MD, FRACP 05/24/2013
Update on Disease-Modifying Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis John Fleming, MD 05/17/2013
Animal Symbiosis: Metaphors for Interactions between Neurology and Sleep Doug Kirsch, MD 05/10/2013
Oligodendrocytes and proteolipid protein: new “twists” on “old” players Franca Cambi, MD, PhD (Host: Dr. Carrithers) 05/03/2013
Cases of Cryptogenic Paralysis…Imagining Things? Kevin Kapadia, MD 04/26/2013
How well we did interviewing our residency candidates? Khalid AlSherbini, MD 04/19/2013
Past, Present and Future of Endovascular Stroke Therapies Ahsan Sattar, MD 04/12/2013
Hospitalized but not admitted: inpatient, observation and RACs Bartho Caponi, MD (Host: Dr. Sattin) 04/05/2013
A Case Study with Longitudinal Neuropsychological Data Brian Bell, PhD 03/29/2013
SPORTIF III and Non-inferiority Trials Rick Chappell, PhD (Host: Dr. Chacon) 03/08/2013
Myotonic muscle dystrophy and the History of South Africa (and Greece..) Barend Lotz, MD 02/22/2013
The Cognitive Legacy of Critical Illness William Ehlenbach, MD, MSc (Host: Dr. Seeger) 02/08/2013
Cases from the ward Brad Beinlich, MD Khalid AlSherbini, MD - Resident Talha Vaqar, MD - Resident 02/01/2013
Treating the Roots: Molecular Therapeutics on the Horizon in Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease Seth Perlman, MD (Host: Dr. Ikonomidou) 01/18/2013
Arboviral Encephalitis Douglas Dulli, MD, MS 01/11/2013
Patient satisfaction ratings - in theory and practice Roland Brilla, MD, MPH (Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology) and Sue Sanford-Ring (UWHC, VP Quality and Patient Safety) 01/04/2013