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2017 Neurology Grand Rounds

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Title Presenters Name Datesort ascending
The Pulfrich Effect-Implications for Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neurological Disorders Douglas J. Lanska, MD, MS, MSPH 12/15/2017
Cell-Based Therapies for Parkinson's Disease Marina E. Emborg, M.D., Ph.D. 12/08/2017
Global Health Neurology Part II: Neurology of Neglected Tropical Diseases Douglas Dulli, M.D., M.S. 12/01/2017
EEG Monitoring in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Ischemia Detection and Beyond Dr. Sahar Zafar, M.D. 11/17/2017
Why We Do the Things We Do... With Cranial Nerve Palsies and Visual Field Loss Dr. Marilyn C. Kay, M.D. 11/10/2017
Clarifying Some Controversies in Multiple Sclerosis: Data From 2,000 Patients Treated for 20 Years Dr. Loren A. Rolak, M.D. 11/03/2017
The History and Mystery of Cortical Visual Disorders Dr. Sashank Prasad, M.D. 10/27/2017
Critical Care EEG Monitoring: A Practical Update Dr. Lawrence J. Hirsch, M.D. 10/20/2017
Multimodal Approaches to the Localization of Epileptic Focus Dr. Melanie Boly, M.D., Ph.D 10/13/2017
Evolving Role of Medical Expertise in a Widening Weblike World Dr. William W. Lytton, M.D. 10/06/2017
Part I: Neurologic Complications of HIV Infection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on Ethiopia Dr. Douglas Dulli, M.D., M.S. 09/29/2017
Neurology Research Day Neurology Researchers 09/22/2017
The Diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Dr. Art Walaszek, M.D. 09/15/2017
Zero G and ICP - Is Visual Impairment in ISS Astronauts a Pseudotumor Syndrome? Dr. Michael Williams, M.D. 09/08/2017
Cortical Mapping in Glioma Surgery - Lessons Learned Richard W. Byrnes, M.D. 08/11/2017
Update on the Management and Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Stephanie Gardon, M.D. 06/30/2017
Transitioning Adolescent Patients to Adult Providers Sarah Kelley, M.D. 06/23/2017
Neurology Graduation and Brain Bowl Faculty vs. Residents 06/16/2017
Functional Neurology: A Case Study of Aphasia Ang Li, M.D. 06/09/2017
Neurological manifestations of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Joshua Pankratz, M.D. 06/02/2017
Ethical Considerations in Cognitive Assessment of Diverse Aging Populations Erin Plumley, Psy.D., Lindsay Clark, Ph.D., Gloria Morel, Psy.D. 05/26/2017
PML: Why it is not always progressive, multifocal or limited to white matter. Sarah Corbridge, M.D. 05/19/2017
Diverse Mechanisms for Loss of Consciousness During Epileptic Seizures? Melanie Boly, M.D., Ph.D. 05/12/2017
WHEN YOU HEAR HOOFBEATS, THINK ZEBRAS and Other Rare Causes of Strokes Sadhana Murali, M.D. 05/05/2017
Critical Periods in Human Brain Recovery: Translation from Rodent Models Alexander Dromerick, M.D. 04/28/2017
Spinocerebellar Ataxia in the 21st Century: Staying Ahead of Fake News Christopher Gomez, M.D., Ph.D. 04/21/2017
Electronic Medical Records: The Good, The Bad, and the Not so Ugly Angela Wang, M.D. 04/14/2017
Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: When Should We Worry? Jamie Elliott, M.D., Ph.D. 04/07/2017
IV Thrombolysis in the Age of Advanced Endovascular Techniques Erik Tarula, M.D. 03/31/2017
From S100 to Second Impact Syndrome: The Truth About Everything in Between Dalin Pulsipher, PhD, ABPP/CN 03/24/2017
Rapidly Progressive Dementia – Time to Rethink our Approach? Drs. Seeger and Beinlich 03/17/2017
Neuro-Vascular and Neuro-Immune Interaction in Brain Development and Disease Zhen Huang, PhD 03/10/2017
OSA and Stroke: Reason for Concern? Mihaela Teodorescu, MD, MS 03/03/2017
Unraveling a Complex Disease: New Insights into ADEM Joshua P. Klein, MD, PhD 02/24/2017
Consciousness: From Theory to Practice Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD 02/17/2017
Brain Death: A Case, a Critique and a Call to Action Justin Sattin, M.D. 02/10/2017
Sleep and Synaptic Homeostasis Chiara Cirelli, MD, PhD 02/03/2017
Continuous EEG: Finding Solid Ground Aaron F. Struck, M.D. 01/27/2017
Update on Spinraza, The First FDA Approved Treatment for Spinal Muscular Atrophy: A Review of the Clinical Trials, Prescribing Information and Logistics Meredith Schultz, M.D. and Mary K. Schroth, M.D. 01/20/2017
The Centennial (1916-2016) of the Seminal Publication by Guillain, Barré and Strohl. The Evolution of a Syndrome Andrew Waclawik, M.D. 01/13/2017
Conceptualizing the Burden of Care in Neurological Disorders: Children and Youth as Caregivers Melinda Kavanaugh, Ph.D., LCSW 01/06/2017