Adult Neurology Residency

Adult Neurology Residency

Self-Study Elective


In order to help senior residents prepare for board certification, one self-study elective is allowed.

Goals and Objectives

The overall goals of a self-study elective are for the resident to strengthen, develop, self-identify and promote various strategies to create a favorable individualized learning plan. The resident will utilize different educational platforms offered through the AAN website to learn about various neurologic disorders that are of interest to them. In addition, the resident will take two practice tests to assess strengths and knowledge gaps.


At the end of the week the following must be completed and turned into the coordinator:

  • NeuroSAE 14th Edition (volume 1, issue 1) –Send a screen shot of your score
  • NeuroSAE 15th Edition (volume 1, issue 1) – Send a screen shot of your score
  • 5 NeuroLearn of the resident’s choice – Send a screen shot at end of the learning
  • 10 NeuroBytes of the resident’s choice – Send a screen shot at end of the learning
  • 5 webinars of the resident’s choice – Send a screen shot at end of the evaluation

All practice exams and learning materials can be found on the AAN website and are free with membership.

If the resident prefers to use non-AAN study materials, a proposed list of question banks, review books, and/or other online resources must be submitted with the elective request and will be subject to program approval. If non-AAN study materials are used, the resident will still be required to complete the NeuroSAE practice exams and submit their scores unless an alternative assessment of progress during the week is approved by the Program Director or other program staff.

Work Hours

The estimated work hours are less than 40 hours per week.

Suggested References


Justin A. Sattin, MD

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