Adult Neurology Residency


Q: How many positions available in the 2023-2024 Match?
A: 7 categorical positions to start June 24, 2024

Q: Is there a minimum USMLE Score?
A: With the move towards pass / fail scoring, we’re more focused on applicants having passed the exams rather than specific scores. We are much more interested in matching applicants with exceptional character than with exceptional test scores!

Q: By time of application, do I need to have completed Step II CS?
A: All Residents entering training at UWHC must show evidence of passing USMLE Step II CS by October 1st of their first training year.

Q: When do residents complete USMLE Step III?
A: Residents must take and pass Step III and be fully licensed prior to their PGY3 training year.

Q: Do we accept COMLEX Scores?
A: Yes

Q: Must I have graduated from medical school within a certain maximum number of years?
A: There is no cutoff for year of graduation, but applicants must not have had a hiatus from clinical practice for more than 2 years prior to their UW Health start date.

Q: What is your application deadline?
A: We accept applications through October 31.

Q: Is US clinical experience required?
A: Yes, we require at least 3 months of hands-on US clinical experience–observerships do not count toward this requirement

Q: Do you accept visas?
A: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clincs is only able to support J-1 visas.

Q: Total International Medical Graduates in your program?
A: As of July 1, 2023: 9 of 22 residents

Q: Do you need to apply seperately for the Internal Medicine preliminary position?
A: No; our categorical program (1779180C0) includes the PGY1 year in Internal Medicine

Q: How many letters of recommendation does your program require?
A: 3-4 letters