Adult Neurology Residency


Q: How many positions available in the 2020-2021 Match?
A: 5 categorical positions to start July 1, 2021

Q: Is there a minimum USMLE Score?
A: We generally want to see scores at least in the 220s, with no failures. However, we are much more interested in matching applicants with exceptional character than with exceptional test scores.

Q: By time of application, do I need to have completed Step II CS?
A: All Residents entering training at UWHC must show evidence of passing USMLE Step II CS by October 1st of their first training year.

Q: When do residents complete USMLE Step III?
A: Residents must take and pass Step III and be fully licensed prior to their PGY3 training year.

Q: Do we accept COMLEX Scores?
A: No

Q: Must I have graduated from medical school within a certain maximum number of years?
A: There is no cutoff for year of graduation, but applicants must not have had a hiatus from clinical practice for more than 2 years prior to their UW Health start date.

Q: What is your application deadline?
A: We accept applications through October 31.

Q: Is US clinical experience required?
A: Yes, we require at least 3 months of hands-on US clinical experience–observerships do not count toward this requirement

Q: Do you accept visas?
A: University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clincs is only able to support J-1 visas.

Q: Total International Medical Graduates in your program?
A: As of July 1, 2020: 8 of 20 residents

Q: Do you need to apply seperately for the Internal Medicine preliminary position?
A: No; our categorical program (1779180C0) includes the PGY1 year in Internal Medicine

Q: How many letters of recommendation does your program require?
A: 3-4 letters

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