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Rotation and Call Schedules

Rotation Schedule

Most rotations occur in blocks of 4 weeks; there are 13 blocks each year. In addition, each resident has continuity clinics at the UW; see the section Continuity Clinics below for details.

The following rotation schedule is typical, but there may be minor changes from year-to-year. Further, the schedule can be modified at any time by the Chair or Residency Director to meet service requirements or catastrophic emergencies. The training requirements mandated by the ACGME will be maintained at all times.

Training yearRotationNo. of Blocks
PGY3Neurology Specialty Clinics1
Epilepsy 1.5
General Neurology Wards/Consult Wards/Consults1
Peds Neurology Outpatient Outpatient2
Peds Neurology Inpatient2
Adult Neurology Elective1
PGY4Peds Neurology Inpatient4
Peds Neurology Outpatient3
Pediatric Neurology Elective1
Adult Neuromuscular1
Neurology Specialty Clinics1
Metabolic Genetics1
Pediatric Neurosurgery1
Adult Neurology Elective1
PGY5Peds Neurology Outpatient2
Peds Neurology Inpatient3
Developmental Pediatrics1
Child Psychiatry1
Peds EMU /Epilepsy1
Pediatric Neurology Elective3.5

Call Schedule- PGY3

On-Service Residents

Child neurology residents rotate on the Stroke, General Neurology, Consults, Pediatric Neurology, and Epilepsy inpatient services. While on Stroke, General and Pediatric Neurology services the child neurology resident works 6 days/week (the rest are 5 days/week). On those weekends, the child neurology resident covers the service they were assigned to the prior week alongside the adult neurology resident on that service. For at least the first 6 weeks of the year, the Stroke and General teams have a senior resident working side-by-side with the junior for orientation and mentoring.  During General Neurology, Stroke, and Consults rotations, child neurology cover one ‘short call’ per week helping the day and night float residents with new consults and service coverage.

Call shifts:


  • Short call (Monday, 4-8 PM) while on adult IP services (General Neurology, Consults, and Stroke)
  • Approximately 18 of these/year.


  • Stroke- Sunday 8am – 4pm
  • General Neurology- Saturday, 8am – 4pm
  • Pediatric Neurology- Saturday 8am – 8pm
  • Approximately 20 weekend days/year (8 stroke, 4 general, 8 peds)

Call Schedule- PGY 4-5 

The resident call schedule for PGY4 and 5 evolve on a graduated basis with increasing autonomy and seniority over the course of training.  For the initial 6 months of PGY4 the resident functions in a junior child neurology resident role.  Thereafter they take on a senior resident and “fellow-like” role.  Progression to the next level of responsibility is based on faculty evaluations and the readiness of the resident determined at their PGY4 mid year CCC meeting.

  • First 3-6 months of 4th year
    • Evening call (4-10 PM) alternating between weeks (one week Wednesday night, next week Tuesday/Thursday nights).
    • Answer all pages for the inpatient pediatric neurology service and perform all new consults, in person. They will also receive patient phone calls during that time.
  • Remainder of training (rest of 4th and 5th year)
    • Overnight home call (4 PM-8 AM) alternating between weeks (one week Wednesday night, next week Tuesday/Thursday nights).
    • Staff consults seen by the neurology residents. This can be done over the phone.  Sees patients if felt to sound ill or resident is uncomfortable with the patient’s history or exam.  Fields patient phone calls independently and access calls with the attending neurologist.
  • Weekend call
    • Saturday and Sunday (8 AM to 8 PM)
    • Clinically functions the same as “first 3-6 months of 4th year” though expected to take access center calls with the attending after they have matriculated to that level of training.

A total of 16 weeks with alternating weekday call and 8 weekends per year is required. 

Holiday Call Schedule- PGY 3-5

Each resident covers one major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day) and one minor holiday (4th of July, Christmas Eve, Labor day, MLK day, or Memorial Day). The resident covering Christmas Day also covers Christmas Eve as the minor holiday for that year. To ensure even distribution of holidays, the PGY3 will cover Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and the Pediatric Neurology service the week of Christmas. The PGY4 and 5 will alternate Thanksgiving and New Years Day depending on seniority.

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