Book Club/ Epilepsy Lecture Series

Schedule and Venue

  • Every Tuesday at noon in J5/255 or MFCB 7114 (2nd Tuesday of each month)


The weekly neurophysiology didactics consists of a book club led by a neurophysiologist with an expertise in either EMG/NCS, EEG, IOM, or sleep. The textbooks reviewed are Clinical Neurophysiology by Rubin and Daube as well as Current Practice of Clinical Electroencephalopathy. The goals of the book studies are to understand neurophysiology from a practical technical aspect to higher-level interpretation to incorporation into clinical neurologic diseases. Intraoperative monitoring, evoked potentials, and sleep studies will be covered in this didactic series. Book club cover 1 to 2 chapters every week, while also incorporating the following lectures by experts in their field. This lecture series below will be the second Tuesday of every month and will also include the residents and clinical neurophysiology fellows if there are any.

Lecture Topics and presenters

  • Basic Science of Epilepsy and Genetics of epilepsy and seizures: Robert Kotloski, MD
  • Genetics of Epilepsy and Seizures: Robert Kotloski, MD
  • Epidemiology of Epilepsy and Seizures: Evelynn Tunnell, MD
  • Neuropsychology of Epilepsy: Bruce Hermann, PhD or Jana Jones, PhD
  • Pharmacologic treatment of Epilepsy: Barry Gidal, MD or  Rama Maganti, MD and/or Anne Josiah, MD
  • Neuroimaging and other diagnostic modalities in epilepsy: Aaron Struck, MD
  • Non-pharmacologic treatment of Epilepsy- Ketogenic Diet, Devices and Resective Surgery : Elizabeth Felton, MD, PhD
  • Comorbidity of Epilepsy and Seizures and Women with Epilepsy:  Anne Josiah, MD
  • Ictal and Interictal EEG patterns across the lifespan and Prognosis in epilepsy and seizures: Rama Maganti, MD
  • Prognosis in epilepsy and Seizures: David Hsu, MD
  • Neuroimaging and other diagnostic modalities in epilepsy: Melanie Boly MD


  • Adequately prepared for neurophysiology boards
  • Understand the technical aspects of neurophysiology procedures
  • Learn interpretation and indications for neurophysiology procedures

Clinical Neurophysiology (Contemporary Neurology Series) 4th Edition
by Devin Rubin (Author), Jasper Daube (Author)

Current Practice of Clinical Electroencephalography
By Ebersole, et al.

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