The fellow who is on an EEG rotation will attend the epilepsy clinic two half days per week at UW and the VA, under the supervision of a faculty epileptologist. This clinic has a mix of new and return patients. The fellow must clearly communicate to applicable faculty and trainees that they will be unavailable for other clinical duties during these clinics, and immediately report any potential conflicts to the program director to resolve.

The fellow who is on an EMG or IOM rotation will attend the EMG Lab one half day per week at the VA, under the supervision of a faculty epileptiologist.


The goal of the clinics is for fellows to learn to provide longitudinal care to epilepsy patients.

Objectives and Evaluation Matrix

As with all of the individual rotations described in this section, the specific objectives of the continuity clinic are reflected in the entrustable professional activities and individual milestones. These form the basis for the fellow’s evaluation, which is completed by his or her clinic attending twice each year. (Please see the section End-of-Rotation Evaluations above for the list of milestone abbreviations).


As above, these clinics alternate between the UW and VA, according to clinic space needs.

If a clinic must be cancelled for a vacation, professional conference, etc., then this must be requested at least 60 days in advance. This allows the department to review the request internally and still comply with the UW and VA hospitals’ policies, which require 45 days’ notice.

Epilepsy Clinics

Epilepsy Clinic Milestones

Neuromuscular Clinic

Neuromuscular Clinic Milestones

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