Day/Weekend Call


The fellow will provide day and weekend epilepsy call coverage.

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The goals of day and weekend call are as follows:

  • To provide expedient high-quality EEG tests with accurate interpretation for inpatients. To learn the appropriate use of inpatient EEG and assist in treating physicians for patients with neurological disorders including status epilepticus, post cardiac arrest, and sub-arachnoid hemorrhage.
  • To recognize that he/she is part of a treatment team and develop confident and effective communication with EEG technologists, other fellows/residents, and treating teams.
  • The fellow will demonstrate habits of life-long learning and learn to maintain a professional demeanor.
  • The fellow will develop knowledge for clinical guidelines in indication, duration, and technical adequacy of EEGs.
  • To identify ways to improve scientific practice when opportunities arise.


  • The fellow will learn indications for inpatient EEG and how to efficiently use resources to triage and facilitate inpatient EEGs as well as learn to accurately interpret EEGs.
  • Through the management of the inpatient EEG service over the call periods, fellows with assistance from supervising faculty will learn the medical knowledge needed to understand the role EEG has in the management of critical neurologic illness and learn how to assist the treating physicians in using this knowledge.
  • The fellow will interact extensively with various team members through call and receive feedback as part of EEG/Epilepsy rotation evaluations.
  • The fellow will be responsible for working with supervisory staff and co-participants in troubleshooting the methods for improving emergent EEGs in the afterhours/weekend settings.
  • The fellow will maintain the highest standards of professionalism, especially in interactions with patients and ordering physicians.
  • The fellow will be responsible for tracking duty hours and reporting them to the supervisory attending.
  • The fellow will provide knowledge guidance to treatment teams and technologists regarding the guidelines for EEG use.


Evaluation Matrix

There is not a specific evaluation form for the day/weekend call rotation.


One weeknight call a week (4 pm to 8 am) and alternating Friday night calls. (4 pm to 8 am following day)

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