Educational Conferences

Fellow Attendance Policy

Objectives: The overarching goals of the conferences is to create epilepsy physicians with a broad knowledge base capable of managing complex epilepsy patients including interpretation of EEG. The specific goals for each conference are listed below. The objectives for educational conference will be documented attendance at the mandatory conferences of greater than 70%; failure to maintain this level of attendance may result in freezing or forfeiture of the fellow’s educational fund. The fellow is required to attend all of the epilepsy conferences and lectures, unless excused by the program director. The second objective is successful board certification of epilepsy fellows.

Required Conferences

  • Fellows are required to attend the following conferences
    • Epilepsy Case Conference
    • Epilepsy Lecture Series
    • Epilepsy Research Meeting
    • Pediatric Epilepsy Case Conference
    • Neurophysiology Lecture Series
    • Book / Journal Club
    • Grand Rounds

Recording Attendance

  • Fellows will be instructed to manage their own attendance. Attendance will be collected on a monthly basis by the program coordinator who will manually enter into MedHub. Attendance will then be shared at the mid-year and end of year evaluation meetings.

Optional Educational Conferences

  • Fellows are able to attend any other conferences that are held for the other residency and fellowship programs. Attendance is not required, and therefore will not count towards the 70% total attendance requirement.


Latest revision: 10/28/2022, Aaron Struck, MD

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