Book Club / Epilepsy Lecture Series

Schedule and Venue

  • Weekly with the attending


The weekly epilepsy didactics consists of a book club led by the attending with an expertise in epilepsy. The textbook covered is Epilepsy Neurology in Practice by Miller and Goodkin as well as Clinical Electroencephalography by Ebersole. The specific week, assigned chapters and attendings will be pre-schedule with the ability for the fellow to modify as needed. After completion of these chapters, the book club continues using articles agreed upon by the fellow and attending.


  • Adequately prepared for neurophysiology boards
  • Understand the technical aspects of neurophysiology procedures
  • Learn interpretation and indications for neurophysiology procedures

Books Utilized

Other Suggested Reading

  • Atlas of EEG in Critical Care; 1st ed; Hirsch and Brenner; Wiley Blackwell
  • Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring; 2nd ed; Husain; demosMedical


Latest revision: 10/28/2022, Aaron Struck, MD