Epilepsy/EEG Case Conference

Schedule and Venue

Adult: Weekly on Friday

Peds: Weekly on Thursday


The Adult and Peds Epilepsy case conferences are a multidisciplinary working conference at which complex cases are presented. Faculty and fellows present the clinical case histories. Prior evaluations, including video/EEG studies are reviewed along with medication trials. Neuroradiologists assist with the interpretation of the radiographic data. Neuropsychological evaluation is reviewed and commented on by the neuropsychology service.  Radionucleotide studies (PET and SPECT scanning) results are often included, as are magnetoencephalogram.  A plan for further evaluation, medical, or surgical management is devised. Controversial or interesting EEGs will also be reviewed at this conference on a weekly basis.


  • The overall educational goal of these conferences is for fellows to develop the skill of managing patients with refractory epilepsy.
  • More specific goals are for the fellow to learn:
    • Interpretation of video EEG including seizure semiology
    • Indications and planning of placement for invasive EEG monitoring
    • Interpretation of MRI, SPECT, PET, MEG, and other advanced modalities
    • Interpretation of Wada tests and fMRI
    • Medication management for patients with refractory epilepsy
    • The role of vagus nerve stimulators
    • Indications for epilepsy surgery
    • Indications for and use of responsive neurostimulation
  • Learn interpretation of routine EEGs and continuous EEG monitoring in critically ill patients including the ACNS EEG critical care terminology and normal variants/artifacts seen in EEG.


Latest revision: 10/28/2022, Aaron Struck, MD