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  • Due to additional funding, we currently have two Epilepsy fellowship positions open for 2023-2024 academic year. If you are interested please see our process on  how to apply

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  • We are excited to be participating in the NRMP Match process for the 2024-2025 academic year. Our program will be utilizing ERAS for applicant information.

Aaron Struck, M.D.Welcome! We are happy to have the opportunity to provide training for you in epilepsy. The purpose of this fellowship is to teach you to be able to provide comprehensive care to patients with epilepsy. These include skills in EEG interpretation both scalp and invasive monitoring, comprehensive pre-surgical epilepsy work-up including imaging (PET, SPECT, MRI), neuropsychological testing. You will learn treatments for epilepsy including medications, dietary therapy, neuro-stimulation, and epilepsy surgery. Additionally, you will learn to screen and treat common comorbid conditions in epilepsy and drug side-effects. Central to the appropriate treatment of epilepsy is accurate diagnosis: epilepsy etiology and localization. We also encourage your academic development which should include involvement in the larger community of epilepsy providers/researchers through attendance of a national meeting and we encourage and have resources available for scholarship activity from quality improvement to basic science.

Completion of training will make the trainee eligible for American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology board certification in epilepsy.

Aaron Struck, MD
Director, UW Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program
Director, UW Epilepsy Fellowship Program

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