Medical Student Education

Medical Student Education

The Department of Neurology is involved at all levels of UWSMPH medical student training. The teaching of Neurology is incorporated into several areas of Phases 1 and 2 of the Forward Curriculum. Phase 3 and 4th year visiting medical students who have an interest in Neurology as a specialty will have the opportunity to spend focused time in inpatient and ambulatory settings.

 Neurology Individualized Clinical Elective (676-919)

 (for UWSMPH and visiting U.S. medical students)
During this two-week or four-week rotation the student will have opportunity to develop knowledge in a subspecialty of neurology. UWSMPH students can find more information in the course catalog and follow the elective enrollment process.

UWSMPH processes visiting student applications through the VSLO site. Department level approval is required before getting institutional approval from the UWSMPH Visiting Student Coordinator. Before starting a VSLO application, potential visiting 4th year students interested in adult neurology should contact Dr. Jerdan Ruff ( for department approval to rotate. Potential visiting 4th year students interested in child neurology should email Hafsa Shahid ( In your email please include a short paragraph regarding your interest in neurology and how we can help form a four-week rotation to fit specific interests you may have. After you have been given department-level approval by Dr. Bradbury or Dr. Shahid, you will need to follow the UWSMPH application process for receiving institutional approval. Information about this process can be found here. UWSMPH does not accept international medical students.

Independent Reading and/or Research in Neurology (676-910)

Independent research under the direct supervision of Neurology faculty. Each student’s project is individualized to meet the research goals of the student within the context of the faculty’s research. The student is responsible for contacting a faculty member and developing goals and a plan prior to enrolling in the course. For UWSMPH Phase 2 and Phase 3 students only.


Directed Research in Neurology (676-699)

Offers the undergraduate student majoring in the life sciences (including biology, chemistry psychology, or related fields) and with interest in preparing for advanced coursework in graduate or medical school, an opportunity to participate in basic and translation research in neuroscience and neurological disorders. For UW-Madison students only; see Course Search and Enroll for available sections.


Updated 5/12/2023