Vascular Neurology Fellowship

Optional Educational Conferences

Up-to-date conference schedules can be found here. The list below shows the title and general details of each conference.

Clinical Neurology Conference occurs at various times through the week. This is the heart of the clinical and scientific didactic curriculum for the residency, covering topics relevant to the main neurological subspecialties on a monthly rotation and including smaller lecture series on other relevant topics of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and clinical neurological practice.

Topics typically covered monthly include:

      1. Stroke Lecture Series (1st Monday at 12:00 pm)
      2. Epilepsy Lecture Series (3nd Tuesday at 12:00 pm)
      3. Neuromuscular Lecture Series (3rd Thursday at 12:00 pm)
      4. Movement Disorders Lecture Series (4th Thursday at 12:00 pm)
      5. Neuropsychology Lecture Series (2nd Friday at 12:00pm)

Other topics covered during these conference times include Headache, Neuroimmunology, Sleep, Cognitive Disorders, Neuro-Otology, Complications of Systemic Diseases.

Pediatric Neurology Conference occurs every Wednesday at 12:00 pm. These conferences are part of the educational curriculum for the pediatric neurology fellowship but include topics of more general interest to adult neurologists and/or general pediatricians. A selection of these lectures will be mandatory for adult neurology residents and will comprise the pediatric neurology curriculum for the adult residency; this will be indicated in the MedHub lecture schedule and in the weekly lecture reminder emails.

Professor Rounds– On Hold occur twice a month on Fridays at noon. As described elsewhere in this manual, Clinical Teaching Rounds will consist of a combination of bedside and lecture-based review of clinical examination techniques and common neurological findings, as well as review of examination-based neurological localization and formulation. Exact times and locations (bedside versus classroom) will be provided in MedHub and in the weekly lecture reminder emails.

Neuroradiology Conference is a multidisciplinary conference that occurs on the 4th Wednesday of the month in the Radiology John Juhl Conference Room. A neurology resident and a neuroradiology fellow are assigned to present cases

Grand Rounds is the weekly department-wide educational conference. Topics range widely, from basic science to translational research and clinical trials to topics of direct clinical interest. Some are devoted to case reports and clinicopathological conferences. Each resident must complete one departmental Grand Rounds presentation by the end of the PGY-4 year.

Journal Club occurs roughly every 1-2 months in the evening at a faculty member’s house. This is an informal gathering of residents and faculty in which one resident and a faculty member select a selection of one or more papers around an important or controversial clinical theme. The resident presents the topic and the findings, with assistance from faculty in guiding the discussion.

Evidence-Based Medicine- On Hold occurs every other month on the 4th Tuesday at noon. This conference may consist of faculty discussing aspects of scientific studies and/or in-depth review of the methodology, findings, and interpretation of a scientific paper. Residents may be assigned to select an article and present relevant findings.

Systems of Care Conference occurs quarterly. This is a conference to discuss cases with a focus on the impact of the overall health care system on the care of the patient. To some extent, this incorporates a traditional ‘morbidity and mortality’ (M & M) conference, but with the specific purpose of examining the many systemic factors that may contribute to a favorable or unfavorable outcome rather than to single out any one trainee for rebuke. In general, cases are selected and prepared for conference by Dr. Eric Adelman, though residents are welcome to contact Dr. Adelman to bring cases or concerns to discuss at this conference.

Latest revision: 09/16/2021, Jamie Elliott, MD, PhD