Vascular Neurology Fellowship

Vascular Neurology Fellowship

Fellow Grievances Related to Employment Concerns

The purpose of this policy is to provide fellows with fair, reasonable, and readily available procedures for grievance and due process. It is recognized that misunderstandings, disputes or disagreements may occur related to employment concerns, including:

  1. Work environment
  2. Program or faculty
  3. Neurology departmental or UW Health policies and procedures affecting fellows.

This policy does not apply to academic or corrective actions taken against residents that could result in dismissal, non-renewal of a resident’s agreement, non-promotion of a resident to the next level of training, or other actions that could significantly threaten a resident’s intended career development. Further, this procedure does not apply to allegations of discrimination based on sex, age, race, national origin or disability; such allegations shall be submitted to the UW Health Human Resources Department.

  • When a fellow has a grievance related to employment concerns, he/she shall submit such in writing to the Program Director or department Chair.
  • The Neurology department will convene an ad hoc grievance committee consisting of the department Chair or Vice-Chair, the Program Director, and at least one other faculty member. This grievance committee will meet with the fellow within 14 calendar days.
    • The fellow may be aided or accompanied to any meeting by another member of the medical profession.
  • The grievance committee will issue a report within 21 calendar days of its meeting.
    • The fellow will not be penalized in any way for filing a grievance.
  • If the grievance committee is unable to satisfactorily resolve the matter, the fellow then (and only then) may appeal to the UW Health GME Appeals Committee; see the UW Health Policy, Resident Grievances related to Employment Concerns.


Latest revision: 07/13/2020
Luke Bradbury, MD