Vascular Neurology Fellowship

Required Vascular Neurology Educational Conferences

Fellow Attendance Policy

Required Conferences

  • Fellows are required to attend the following conferences:
    • Stroke Case Conference
    • Stroke Didactics (core program)
    • Grand Rounds
    • Journal Club

Recording Attendance

  • Fellow attendance will be recorded by scanning a designated personal QR code into the iPad in the MFCB 7114 conference room
  • For lectures that do not take place in the MFCB 7114 conference room, the fellow is to email the coordinator to manually record their attendance
  • Fellows are expected to attend 70% of the required conferences

Optional Educational Conferences

  • Fellows are able to attend any other conferences that are held for the other residency and fellowship programs. Attendance is not required, and therefore will not count towards the 70% total attendance requirement

Latest revision: 09/16/2021, Jamie Elliott, MD, PhD