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Parkinson's Disease And Movement Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Contact Info


7th floor, MFCB
1685 Highland Ave.
Madison, WI 53705-2281

John "Jack" Jones, M.D.

Associate Professor of Neurology
Director of the Francis M. Forster Epilepsy Center


Medical School:
Pennsylvania State University

UW Hospitals and Clinics

UW Hospitals and Clinics 

UW Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Interests

-- Use of novel devices and therapies in the control of refractory epilepsies and movement disorders
-- Management of uncommon hypersomnias and parasomnias, use of VEEG to characterize sleep-related movement disorders and epilepsies
-- Clinical use of botulinum toxins in management of neurologic conditions: regional dystonia and tremors, hemifacial spasms, tic disorders and meige's syndrome, etc, with an emphasis on all currently available and experimental toxin products
-- Classic neurophysiology studies including all evoked potentials, routine/extended/prolonged EEG, ECI recordings, prognostic studies
-- Status epilepticus management

Research Interests

-- Hypocretin failure in narcolepsy
-- Pharmocologic trials of AEM's and botulinum toxins
-- Application of home video and audio technologies to clinical recognition of paroxysmal disorders

Teaching Interests

-- Sleep fellowship training in neurophysiology
-- YEPSA and OSCE exams in neuroscience clerkship
-- Training in refractory epilepsy for pharmacy residents and fellows, and clinical neurophysiology fellows

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