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Introduction and Goals

This rotation is one month clinical experience elective that occurs during the PGY3 or PGY4 year. The primary educational goal is to provide excellent training and exposure to various headache and pain syndromes and appropriate management techniques. The faculty supervisors for this rotation are Drs. Roland Brilla, Douglas Dulli, and Susanne Seeger.

Objectives and Evaluation Matrix

As with all of the neurology rotations, the specific objectives are reflected in the entrustable professional activities and individual milestones listed below. These form the basis for the end-of-rotation evaluation. (Please see the section End-of-Rotation Evaluations above for the list of milestone abbreviations).


Drs. Brilla, Dulli, and Seeger see patients on Mondays through Wednesdays. Accordingly, this elective can be combined with another to flesh out the weekly schedule. Residents will continue to have their continuity clinics as well.

Duty Hours

There are no call or weekend responsibilities during this rotation except for the standard resident call schedule. The total hours per week at this clinic is expected to be 32.

Suggested References

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