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Active Grants

Mechanisms of 2DG’s Antiepileptic Effects

I01 BX002305-01A1
VA Merit Award
PI: Paul Rutecki
This project investigates the effects of 2DG on a model of epileptic activity in hippocampal brain slices and will characterize how 2DG alters the excitability of a network of neurons using electrophysiological methods.

Psychogenic Non-epileptic Seizures in U.S. Veterans

VA Merit Review
Site PI: Paul Rutecki, MD
The proposal will evaluate patients admitted to epilepsy monitoring units (Portland, San Francisco and Madison) using a number of standard psychological and neurological tests. Specific there will psychiatric co-morbidities defined for both the patients with epileptic seizures and non-epileptic seizures. The two patient populations will be compared as to their co-morbidities, history of traumatic brain injury, and clinical features.