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Program Leadership and Committee Structure

Adult Neurology

Program Director

The Residency Program Director (PD) is appointed by the department chair. He or she is responsible for the supervision of the adult residents’ education and training, and secondarily supervises all of the adult fellowship programs as well. The PD leads recruitment efforts and appoints the members of the core faculty, Clinical Competency, and Program Evaluation committees. The PD functions as a liaison between the faculty and the residents and serves as a readily available resource for any resident encountering a professional or personal problem.

Associate Program Director for Clinical Competency

The associate program director (APD) for clinical competency works closely with the PD to develop and assess the residents’ clinical skills and assist in developing remediation plans when necessary. This APD chairs the Clinical Competency Committee (see below).

Associate Program Director for Curriculum

The APD for curriculum works closely with the PD, focusing on the overall structure of our didactics, including case conferences, clinical lectures, and a variety of other topics pertinent to the education of neurologists. Faculty with interest and expertise in particular subject areas are responsible for actually developing and delivering the content.

Associate Program Director for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

This APD works with the residents to build on the foundation in patient safety that all UW Health residents develop during orientation by assisting with our monthly Systems of Care conferences (M&M), teaching the residents about root cause analysis, etc. The APD is also the residents’ local resource for developing QI projects intended to improve the care we provide and/or the residency program itself. This APD builds on the QI foundation that all UW Health residents develop during house-wide orientation and helps to develop in each neurology resident the attitudes and skills needed to succeed in the modern medical practice.

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